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Dwight Hanson

I can't believe you waited a year and this is what you came up with! Damn Val, I thought you would have all sorts of thoughts about aliens taking over Washington D.C. or sex scandals with senators and hippos. So disappointed.

Val Anne Welch

Aliens taking over D.C. may be a good thing actually. Sex scandals? They're so common it's becoming a major yawn-fest. Of course, if *I* were involved in a sex-scandal, you KNOW I'd post about it right away. :/
Sorry to disappoint, but I had to get this off my chest......oh.......wait.


Hello!!! Can you please email me at
[email protected]
I have a few questions about the flair stove!
I want one , badly!
Love your blog!! I just didcovered it!
Have a pretty day!

Alicia Allen

I AM SO HAPPY I FOUND YOUR BLOG AGAIN!!! I stumbled upon you years ago bc of the beautiful flow pot cake you did and I found myself literally laughing at loud at your posts!! I hope your mom is doing better and that you are able to find some more time for your self through this transition. Prayers to you and your family!!

Val Anne Welch

Thanks for your prayers Alicia! Mom is doing slightly worse, but it's all under control. My brother is helping me out more, and I get a break every third week by having a professional caregiving company come in and take care of her. So......it's all good.

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