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Wow!  Best Wishes!  Your Mom I am sure is lovely, but, I find it odd that she has not considered that you might not love spending so much time away from your Mark!!!!!  You seem to have the patience of a saint.  

The new computer will be fun, once you get enough time to look at it and learn it.   

And Sponge Bob...in the past and overrated entirely nothing to even trouble your mind with.


Hi, well thank you!l Mom seems to think that I enjoy spending time there and that I "need a break from the family". She's got a little dementia going on, so there you go. The time will come when I have to say, "enough is enough" and assisted living will be part of the plan whether she likes it or not.

The new computer is getting easier to use as the days go by.Thanks for reading my posts!


Definitely best wishes. In my personal and volunteer life, I've seen so many people stuggling with parents fading into dementia. No one can ever know what a physical and mental strain it is.

I so love your mojo - it may be sniffling exhausted in a corner, but things can get better - especially if you find an assisted living spost. Can't imagine how you've had the strength to do what you do!

In any case - I went to pastry school late in life and loved it beyond all else. And got hired at good places, even if I could be the mom of some cooks. but the physical takes it;s toll. I've shared you "how ot crank out buche de noel" posts - you are skilled, and funny - and once you use it your skills will be honed from the attention you're giving them now!

All the best to you and mark and all

Val Anne Welch

Thanks, Annster, your words mean a lot to me. Mom still refuses to go into assisted living, which I think is rather selfish, but I'm trying to keep her life as normal as possible for as long as possible. I think I'm sort of a martyr in a way, and nobody loves a martyr. I did go and join a gym so I would have something to do when I'm over there besides watching TV. I'm getting in shape now....9 lbs down, 50 to go........

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