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Wow, jeez... really interesting to hear the inside scoop on this show. Even as a viewer, I can tell it's a really stressful environment. Seems kinda ridiculous to make the contestants pay for all that shipping though. Well I hop you are ultimately proud of your accomplishment of doing the show amidst all you're dealing with. Don't forget to take care of yourself, too.


Bless You Annie....YOU DID IT...not only the Challenge....but the everyday


[c’est top] Great post Anna! I believe you are good in what you do. I've seen photos of the cakes you have done and they are great!  It's just a bad day & bad timing for the Challenge...and not everyone is comfortable with having cameras shoved up their faces when they are working, at least not me! :) Like you, i too like to work quietly on my own..:)

Wendy DeBord

[this is good] Annie I wish I could reach through this screen and hug you! I get it, I feel your feelings. You know that this was just one day in your life. A life with tons of skill and knowledge.
In no way does this define you! Don't you dare let your defenses down and accept peoples judgment of you, based on one very un-typical day in your life.


Thanks Wendy! It was definitely, if anything, a learning experience and I did manage to have a little fun too!  I know I have what is important: experience and skill and knowledge......it all helps in getting jobs, which is really the bottom line!
Hope you are doing well!

Wendy DeBord

Colleen Apte and Steve Klc (from Eg)  did a chocolate fashion contest on food network, years ago. They had a so-so experience too. The rules changed multiple times from when the show was first pitched until the day of the challenge. Some rules were too vague.. and lead them to interpret them differently then the judges. I don't think they knew there would be a face to face with the judges (during judging) ahead of time, so that threw them for a loop.

Bronwen Weber hasn't been showing well in the last Challenges I've seen her in. There's some sort of conflict she has with Cake Girls that makes her come off looking like the bad guy.

Wendy DeBord

I've seen people get jobs based on tastings, who can't cook anything else decent but the couple items they did in their tasting.

People are a lot more complicated then books...........when you judge someone quickly you might get it very wrong.

Besides skills and knowledge you have people who have known you for years in the food industry, that can testify to others that you do indeed know your stuff!

P.S. I'm doing well, but struggling too.


I'd have a terrible terrible time doing something like that with all the cameras and odd situations.  I think its great you did it!

Alicia Allen

The cake looks amazing and I applaud you for going!! I watch those challenges and I already know that I don't have what it takes because I don't do we'll under pressure and my desire to rip Kerry Vincent's headband from her ugly head would be too overwhelming! I'm sorry for the stresses you endured but again, the work looked amazing! Good choice not to mix gun paste and fondant...it probably would still be flimsy 3 years later had you done that:-)

Val Anne Welch

Thanks Alicia! Wow, when I did that in 2009 (seems like forever ago), I was under so much stress in my personal life, that I think it reflected on my performance.....not to mention the fact that I hadn't decorated in a long time previous to that. To say I was nervous was an understatement! In fact, that was the last cake I've decorated since then. Taking care of my Mom has taken all my time. Thanks for friending me on FB too! And regarding Kerry Vincent's hair accessory.....my god, it's stupid. :) Oh yeah, and I guess they've replaced Food Network Challenge with a show called Sugar Dome.....a harder and more ridiculous cake show. I really can't believe anyone would agree to do it. Ugh!

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