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[this is good] Wow! I like your monopoly cake! 


Thank you! I like it too..........

Burnt Cookie

[c’est top]

Burnt Cookie

[c’est top] Love your website.
Cracks me up but in a bittersweet kind o' way.
looked after my aunt until she was admitted to a high dependency unit
(dementia and Parkinson's) and being a carer is hard yakka - 'tis a
very noble service you provide for your mother. An act of love vastly
undervalued by society.
But just because you're not actually knee deep in dough doesn't mean you've stopped being a pastry chef.
Life calls for many sacrifices but very few people actually make them.
So just because you're making one means just that. For now.
Quite frankly, girl, I would LOVE to pick your "rotting brain".
sure I'd find many paths in there threaded with flowers and jewelled
anecdotes bedecked with the finest of royal icing and pirate stickers. 

Moreover, I reckon I'd learn a lot too.

I look forward to reading more.
Sincere thanks for what you have written already.


Thank you so much for the kind words!
Life is stressful, but looking up.
I wish I had more time to blog lately, but I have little to write about since life has gotten so routine. I'm glad you are reading me......I appreciate that!


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