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Hmmmm, shiny, I like shiny...Hey look on the bright side.  All your attachments fit.  How sucky would that have been?!?

Congrats on the arrival of your new baby and to the courtship of getting to know each other :)


[this is good]

Congratulations! I was really happy with the 60qt


There was an old cartoon, (Feiffer I think), GOD (pointing at man), "I point the Finger of Condemnation at you!" MAN, "I think the Finger of Condemnation is on the other hand"  GOD (switches hand), "I point the Finger of Condemnation at you!" MAN (turns into pile of smoking ash), GOD, "Hmm. You were right.  Thanks."

I found a Hobart at auction but you no longer need my help so I will sit over here in the corner, alone, with no light, or chair, or heat, or food, or...


Hey, longtime stalker here! I actually was looking to see if anyone posted how to he disable the thunderbird cage online, and found you
any chance of instructions? My 12 keeps tripping the circut, and I made this mistake of taking off the cage on the Tbird to clean and now it will not go back on correctly for some reason and the mixer wont turn on and I am babbling but given my orders this week I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown!! HELP!

Val Anne Welch

Hey, Hip_chickie!

First, I didn't know you could take the damn cage off! Wow. Cleaning would have been so much easier!

Ok, this is what I remember.......it may or may not work for you. Do you see any type of switch or button that the safety cage trips when it's completely turned around so the mixer turns on? If so, you can duct tape it so that it is permanently tripped. Even worse, does the safety cage have something that sticks up to trip something that is somewhat "embedded" toward the back of the mixer? You'll have to find a way to stick something like a broken of skewer in there to trip the switch, then tape it in. I don't know what model you have. I went to the Thunderbird website and I found some phone numbers.......Texas Office: 1-866-7-MIXERS or 1-866-875-6868 or 1-866-451-1668. There's also some phone numbers for the Blaine, WA office too.

Hope I've helped you somewhat! There MUST be some way to put the cage back on! I mean you got it off, so it must go back! Keep messing with it.....damn things anyway!

Keep me posted.....I'd like to hear your outcome!


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