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Man am I glad I found your blog :)


MAN I love your viewpoint!!! Hope to see you at OSSAS where you can kick some serious butt!


Hey thanks.....it's nice to know somebody's readin' me blog!To be sure, it is my goal to do OSSAS......I don't know if I'll kick ass, but I'd at least like to place. That might be too much to hope for my first time out though.


Are you kidding me or just yourself?? Have you seen your work?? LOL!  You'll kick some serious ass there - and I would love to meet you too!  I went for the first time last year, and I placed with 2 of my 3 entries.  I'll be back this year - for the wedding cake competition and maybe 1 or 2 divisionals...that is if I can find a theme for the wedding cake!!!!


LOVE that Kimono cake you did! I just love brush embroidery....time consuming as it is......Doesn't OSSAS provide a theme for the cakes every year? Wasn't "Hollywood Glamour" the theme last year?By the way, I tried to add your site to my "links" but Vox will only let you post 5 links in the sidebar!!


Thanks - I liked the design as well - didn't place but it was a learning experience.

Yes OSSAS provides themes - this year is "The Language of Flowers" which is driving me mental - I'm not feeling it!

Thanks for attempting to add my link - 5 links is not enough! On my Blogger blog I have TONS and want to add more just never get around to it! I've had your link on my website under my favourites for quite a long time - I love your viewpoint and "manifesto" - I wish we could all be so brave and say what we feel!


The Language of Flowers? How vague can you get? Sugar art is so focused on flower work anyway! I suppose I would take the theme literally if I were doing it.....make a tiered cake with each tier representing a different part of the world and the flowers that are native to that part. But I suppose everyone else would have that idea too......too easy. I think I'll wait for a year where the theme really inspires me!

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