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[this is good] Is the small oven for the cat's use Annie?
This article had you cooking on gas,as usual-or not!


[this is good] your flair is too cool!  i'd love to have one, except it wouldn't go with the modern design of my 1970's house... go figure a house built in the 70's is still being called "modern"....


[this is good] that is one fancy-schmancy oven. i love it!


Annie -

My first post.  A long one I am afraid.

I keep hoping for the Appliance Gods to drop a Flair into my kitchen but so far, no such luck.  I am being an exceedingly, (one might say excessively),  good boy in hopes Santa has some NOS Flairs at the back of the warehouse.  Fingers crossed.

I am sending a friend your blog address.  She is a new pastry chef at Marche Provisions, a chi-chi store/deli that is part of a mini upscale empire, Marche, Cafe Marche and Provisions, all in one location.

She gave up work in Hollywood doing score copying for TV and Film.  Her hubby transferred his postal job to support her.  She's loving it.  Of course she's in her twenties so the hours haven't ground her down.

She and her husband run the local MeetIn.com group, both sing in the local master chorale and they just bought a house.  Oh, to be young!

We remodeled our home in Northern California with a fifties gas stove and then later a twenties gas stove, (with cabriolet legs!).  The first came with a heater on one side, (the side next to the cabinets),  and all the bells and whistle, griddle, center simmer burners, cover, fold down spice shelf, salt and pepper shakers... the older one came with a trash burner also on the wrong side.  It was much smaller.  The young woman who bought our place, (can you spell dot com?) had no intention of using, "that old thing".  Both of those stove, (professionally restored), cooked wonderfully.

When we remodeled here in Eugene, Sara wanted a glass top stove.  I wanted to use the gas line that had been brought in a few years before for the furnace and water heater.  She got the glass top and I learned how to use a razor to scrape off the boil over foam I was constantly getting because the damn thing had no "feel".  She bakes a lot, bread mostly, and the convection oven she likes.

Now in my little fifties bungalow I have the cheap stove that came with the place.  Don't worry, we're still friends.  Only two burners work and the oven runs hot.  No cold.  No hot.  I keep putting off replacing it in hopes of a Flair or at least something with good looks.  http://www.vintagestoves.com/stove/project/  Got a few thousand dollars you can front me?

Electric ovens don't age as well as gas.  There are so many fewer and less delicate parts on an old gas stove.  Even when you add auto start burners and better thermostats they are still simple.  That and the ubiquity of gas hook ups explains the paucity of vintage electric stoves.  All the vintage stove dealers I have found only sell gas stoves.

Thanks for your blog.  It was a delight.  I shall return!

gabh an latha,

Richard Dietzel
Eugene, OR


About your clock, I'd suggest you contacting this eBay seller



Here's the link to the seller's email and phone number in case the auction link would not work:

Please email [email protected] or call 712-792-1248 with information off your particular unit label before bidding (see picture for label).


The seller had the exact same Jenn Air clock listed last year when I was searching for a clock for my 1960 Frigidaire range (not a Flair). I sent them a picture of my Frigidaire clock (made by GE) and they had the exact same one. Yours is a bit newer than mine but I'd take a chance asking them about it. I paid about 125$ for mine but that included the shipping to Canada.

barbara barrielle

I loved your ode to the Flair!

Al Roethlisberger

Great write-up, and although most of the interest in vintage/antique
stoves is in 1930-50s style gas units currently, I think specific
high-stye examples from the late 1950s and 60s like the Flair models
are just as interesting.  This is especially true if one has an intact
mid-century home/kitchen, what better fit? 

Two comments
though, regarding "Vintage Stoves"(mentioned in a post above), for those that have salivated over
the years over Stevan Thomas Vintage Stoves products, one might want to
be aware of the collapse of the business covered here:


And for those looking for some general information about the Flair, and some tips on repairs, etc, I found a nice resource here:



very neat stove indeed, and I'm so happy to see that you were able to
find a replacement and learn to enjoy this unique stove.  I'm sure it
is a great conversation piece, as well as useful appliance.

the Vintage Stoves debacle, we had a special 8 burner dual oven 1934
Estate stove that our kitchen remodel was to be built around.  With
that stove gone, we've got a Chambers Imperial stored away right now,
but that we plan to restore ourselves for the kitchen.

Old appliances are just plain neat!



As you can see, I did refer to Dan Langdon's Flair page in my post. As an update, I have finally obtained the Broiler Grill, the meat probe and a working clock/timer. As far as the clock goes, I am still waiting for my husband to install it. I also have another complete Flair in my garage in excellent condition that we may put in the kitchen while my husband works on the current one. The control panel on that one is way cooler.....more retro looking. I also got a old brand new heat minder thermostat for the heat minder burner. And did you know....? The rotisserie attachment will not work unless you have the rotisserie motor installed on the back of the oven......lucky for me, the model I have in the garage has the rotisserie motor.....I just need the damn rotisserie!!! 


I need a thermostat for a flair for the large oven. Can't find one.


Here are some resources:Google Groups, Frigidaire Flair Forum: http://groups.google.com/group/frigidaire-flair?lnk



And....if you monitor eBay and put "Frigidaire Flair" in a "saved search" you will be emailed whenever a Flair or Flair parts come up there.

There are a lot of Flair aficionados just like me and we're all willing to help each other out!

AB May

[this is good] I am looking for a Frigidaire Flair Model RCIH-645. Primarily I need the glass for the control panel but am willing to purchase an entire stove to get the working parts. The oven does not need to be in good working order but desire the whole unit to be in good condition. With any information please send an email to [email protected]


[this is good]

Hi Annie!

I too, am addicted to my Flair. In 2006 my 'K' model (1966 year) was slowly going and my pursuit to find parts or even another Flair began. In November of 2007 my prayers were answered and i now have a 'new' 1961 RCIB-645-2 in my kitchen. I've acquired the 'Kant Slide Griddle', 'Radiant Wall Spatter-Free Broiler Grill', the meat probe, and the rotisserie rack, spit and motor (that was new in the original box, never used..what a blessing!) I was even able to repair my clock, with just a bit of WD40 and help from online 'in the know' friends. I am thrilled to know other folks that love their Frigidaire Flairs!

I've posted scans of the Rotisserie motor instructions and the booklet that tells you how to use the Rotisserie on the 'Pages' link of the Google Group dedicated to Frigidaire Flairs:

i hope this helps!
and i'll keep an eye out for a rotisserie rack for you! You'll LOVE it!

Malinda Barta

We have a 1970 Frigidaire Flair double oven with pull-out burners, that actually sits on the metal base that was optional with these appliances at the time. We recently bought a 1970 ranch style house and it is, as is the rest of the house, in mint condition. We were wondering what fair market value is for this appliance. ANY information anyone could give us would be very, very much appreciated. Thanks!


I have the same oven but the larger right side oven stopped working after a thorough cleaning. Anyone have any clue how to fix this?

Kirk summerall

hey there tony, check to make sure the timer is OFF and inthe manual position or the oven will not turn on. hope this works , Kirk


I have a fliar... willing to sell... think about it


[this is good] We had a Flair oven just like yours growing up in south Florida. My mom ordered one when she saw it on the TV show, 'Bewitched'! We moved to North Carolina - it went with us - she built a house - it went with us...We loved that oven - sometimes I see them for sale on Ebay...my kitchen is too small for it but I'd love to have one again : )

Michael Schelske

My parents have the same exact frigidaire flair, that is pictured, Do you know what year that model was made and if its worth holding on to? It has worked very well for my parents.

Val Anne Welch

Our Flair is the Custom Imperial RCIB-645-2. I do believe it's a 1962 model. I can't believe how long it's lasted, and for me, it's definitely worth holding on to.....it's my little workhorse, and an oven that was definitely way ahead of it's time!

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