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Wow! I wonder how much we would get for our

Flair! we are selling it, perhaps on ebay. Everything works on it except the smaller left oven. If you are interested in it, email me. We are in the Buffalo NY area.


The Flairs that go for a good amount of money are the ones that are in mint condition. The Flair that I posted about previously that went for 4 grand turned out to be a fraud. After the winning bidder paid the money and traveled 2700 miles to pick up the supposed brand new oven, they were faced with a dirty, well used piece of crap. Obviously the oven in the auction pictures and the oven actually being sold were two different things. The auction "winner" ended up being a big loser and is now in the process of filing fraud reports with eBay and trying to recoup their loss.
If your Flair is in "just ok" condition, you might make a heck of a lot more money parting it out. A lot of Flair owners are always on the lookout for spare parts since they are hard to come by. Me included. A lot of the optional features that were sold with the Flair in the sixties are valuable, like the meat probe, the broiler grill, the "kant-slide griddle" and the holy grail, the rotisserie attachment.
I recently obtained a working Flair clock, since the one part that never seems to work on most of them is the clock. I suspect that most of them succumbed to the heat of the oven.
I suggest you watch the auctions on eBay for Flair ovens, and you will have a real good idea whether trying to sell your oven whole is worth it or parting it out is better. Good luck!

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